Centre for Aesthetics in Practice
community landscapes design
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Welcome to the Centre for Aesthetics in Practice site!

The Centre for Aesthetics in Practice is a research, training and design unit sponsored by the Department of Philosophy History and Cultural Heritage of the University of Trento. Our Centre supports the use of extended design methodologies and applied aesthetics for the purpose of promoting the birth and re-birth of communities, organizations, locations and settings of various types. The Centre for Aesthetics in Practice is particularly interested in the potential offered by the humanities, especially the so-called “Artistic research” and techniques derived from photography, set design, cinema, storytelling, but also by the use of rhetorical procedures originating from cultures outside of Europe and cultures that have been formed more recently.

The Centre for Aesthetics in Practice can be applied and studied in all fields related to human interactions and practices, with special attention for landscape, tourism, linguistic minority communities, administrative communities, but also everyday life settings as well historical and cultural ones in general.

If you are interested in our work and the opportunities it offers, please contact us at our e-mail address at aesthetics-practice@unitn.it